A Message From JayJay

Note:  The views expressed in this post are opinions from the author’s point of view and is not an official representation of #GaySA’s stance on the content within.

Firstly, I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the members of #GaySA that have stood by the channel regardless of their personal views regarding the events and issues that exploded and continued for over 2 months now.  Your loyalty to #GaySA and all that it represents – despite the politics and people involved – is extraordinary and humbling at the same time.  Speaking on behalf of the institution of #GaySA, I thank each and every one of you and admire the steadfast commitment to the channel as an institution that is greater than its leadership and politics.

I also want to personally acknowledge and extend sincere thanks to the members that rose to the challenges and supported me personally and officially in my role as #GaySA’s founder.  I deeply appreciate your efforts and I am extremely grateful that out of the ashes we’ve managed to rise up with SOPS and a number of other members that came together as a team.  After the stormy setbacks prior to assembling a mostly new SOPS team, I could not be happier that the SOPS team is a team I can depend on.  Recovering and rising above the extremely volatile situation that suffered great damage to the channel would not be possible without my team.

To all members of #GaySA, please be assured that the channel
in its current unruly state will change – your voices will be heard and I’ve always kept a gradual move to a more ideal version of #GaySA as a core part of my vision for the channel.  Change from my perspective needs time and patience so that we can evolve and modernize the channel without losing users.  In the meantime, please take up my offer to contact me with concerns, issues, objections, ideas or whatever else rather than or before reacting on mahiring cluetters without first having brought it to my attention personally.  I depend on being informed and allowed the opportunity to engage with our users – without this I cannot deliver and lead a successful channel.

We’re starting to get back on track, and I want to focus on that.  Let’s get back the life in this institution and be positive – and united.

One final statement I want to express is that I and by extension ‘we’ have never and will not conspire to ask users to pick sides – there are no sides as far as we are concerned.

Thank you once again to everyone – you keep this legacy alive no matter how bad the storm!


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