User Gallery Example

Here's an example of a user gallery page from another chatroom - the pic selected is a great example of how to have fun with an alternate 'identity' if you're not comfortable using your own. (You could have both if you have a great alias pic you wanna show some of that voluptuous creative inner-chat-self too! 🙂 Separate pics for your other linked nicknames can be sent too - no promises but we'll consider those too!

Top 10 of #GaySA as of 12 Oct 2016

Ogre             letters: 54781, words: 10626, lines: 1593, smileys: 156, actions: 46 Nate             letters: 42474, words: 8126, lines: 2278, smileys: 19, actions: 65 Aliano           letters: 35506, words: 7463, lines: 1972, smileys: 54, actions: 51 Raven         … Continue reading Top 10 of #GaySA as of 12 Oct 2016