Bot attacks, though extremely rare in the past several years, require swift and decisive reaction to secure the channel. Due to a recent incident where the Atrum network (and all its chatrooms) suffered a security breach and floodbot attack, the need to know how to secure the channel has resurfaced.

It is vital for channel admin to KNOW what to do, and to swiftly react. Atrum admin’s do not have time to help channels to secure themselves – their focus is on trying to eliminate the attack and secure the server as a whole. Bot attacks usually affect all chatrooms on the network at the same time.

#GaySA has some security measures in place to protect the channel and prevent any damage from an attack. This buys you time to lock down the channel. If more than 5 joins (or 6 lines from a nick) are detected within a few seconds, the channel is automatically locked down for 60 seconds and the server will send a notice of this. Consider these notices as your red alert – ESPECIALLY if it’s obviously an attack and ALWAYS if it immediately kicks in again after 60 seconds.


Blocking all unregistered nicknames from joining a.k.a Channel Mode +R

/msg chanserv mode #gaysa +R

GaySA should then show that it set a mode +R in the chatroom.

Activating moderated mode in the channel a.k.a Channel Mode +m

/msg chanserv mode #gaysa +m

There is normally a built in shortcut to turn on channel moderation and should work. This will block anyone already in the channel from posting anything in main unless they have +voice or higher. Remember to voice the users you know and trust after turning on +m so they are able to chat.

ALWAYS use the full raw command to set and remove +R


Give a reasonable amount of time, 15 to 30 minutes should be long enough, to reverse the lockdown – assuming the threat has been dealt with by Atrum. If you’re not sure, ask whether it is safe in #Atrum for confirmation.

Use the same commands to undo the lockdown modes, replacing + with –

/msg chanserv mode #gaysa -R

/msg chanserv mode #gaysa -m

AOPS and SOPS SHOULD know this. If needed keep a lil note under your keyboard with the 2 commands.