User Gallery

Join our community and submit your pic OR an avatar to be added.  If you don’t mind showing yourself and have or my someday join us for a meet out in the real world, it would be great if we can get your own pics.  But we know not everyone is okay with risking their identity so a really cool avatar instead will work too – something that shows your and your nickname’s #GaySA personality in a fun way.

Help us grow this gaymunity rebuilding and share – even encourage – more users to join.  Every submission may be emailed to the details below – and while a registered nickname would be helpful, each submission will be considered and authenticated on a case-by-case basis.  So get to it guys (and girls and and and) – share the link, share yourself, and share our gallery in the conversation!  

Send in your pic or avatar! Email your pic to  – Subject line:  GSA Gallery

Identify who you are clearly – it does help if your nick is registered.  Ask an op to help you register a nick if you need help 🙂  Thaks everyone!
(the email address used for sending your pic to the above email address). Don’t forget the ‘/’ in front of /msg!

Terms and Conditions:  Authenticity may be validated with you on IRC and/or as needed.  Pics may not feature more than one person.  Selfies must be of you – verification steps may be requested at any time to prove your identity.  Avatars may be used instead of selfies.  Avatars should feature a person or individual character as this is your ‘identity’.  Be creative!  No porn or obscene pics please.  All submissions are subject to approval – you will be notified should your pic be rejected and invited to send an alternative pic.  All contact information, media and other information will be strictly confidential and your privacy guaranteed.  Only your submitted pic and nickname will be posted.  You may include a brief caption if you would like to, this is entirely voluntary.  You may submit new pics at any time (within reason) which may be updated at our own discretion.  Removal requests may be made at any time and will be taken down as soon as possible.  This user gallery is intended to foster community spirit!
We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.  Best efforts will be undertaken to notify featured users of changes where possible.  ALL YOUR INFORMATION, CORRESPONDENCE AND DETAILS WILL REMAIN PRIVATE AND IS EXEMPT FROM ANY CHANGES IN TERMS AND CONDITIONS!  No information will be added without the user’s explicit permission.

Feel free to submit any questions to the email above or by using the contact form on our website.