Rules and Guidelines

#GaySA Rules and Guidelines

INTRODUCTION:  The following information documents the rules and guidelines applicable to the #GaySA IRC channel, hosted on the IRC network.  Users entering the #GaySA channel are expected to respect and abide by the following rules and guidelines at all times.

Operators will be expected to refer users found to be in transgression to this page and educate them on the content to avoid removal from #GaySA.

Operators and users alike should please note the term “guidelines” which is to allow for flexibility and discretion to be applied when enforcing these rules.  The purpose of having channel rules and guidelines is to provide a general framework and reference point for the sole purpose of ensuring a pleasant and conducive chat environment.  Operators should keep this in mind when applying discretion.

The channel rules for #GaySA is considered fluid and subject to change and evolve.

  1. Nicknames
    The following generally phrased guideline remains unchanged prior to the review process concluded in October 2016.  It remains valid despite the review process.  The review process allowed for a vastly expanded definition which is significantly more detailed and granular to minimize the grey areas.Due to the very expansive and detailed additions, we’ve decided to create a sub-menu dedicated to the rules and guidelines for nicknames on #GaySA.  Ops and regulars will be able to offer appropriate corrective guidance from the added detailing of this policy – as it is unlikely and impractical to expect that average users will study these detailed rules.  Please keep this in mind when dealing with transgressions – particularly for first-time offenders and users that need to be phased over if their current nickname falls outside of the new rules.  Phasing in and gradual shifting of awareness of these changes will take time and patience before the majority of users have a firm general grasp.  Be mindful, informative and helpful while we are working to get this off the ground.

    Users are encouraged to use nicknames which reflect some measure of general channel-appropriate decency.  Avoid using nicknames that are overly explicit or crudely suggestive.  Nicknames that are extremely crude and distasteful will be highly scrutinized and likely disallowed.
  2. Solicitation/Cruising
    You may not use the open chatroom area for solicitation/cruising/hook-up hunting/etc.  Do not use the main room to announce or advertise what you are looking for to attract engagement from users for personal gratification.  Scan through the nicklist to spot potentially suitable users and approach them in private chat.
  3. Asking about Age and Location
    It is generally unacceptable to ask stats in the open room, e.g. “Anyone under 30 want to chat?” or “Anyone from DBN?”.  

    Users participating in open room conversations that include these types of questions in the flow of open-room conversations are permitted to do so as this is in a conversational context.

    At the discretion of operators, users are permitted at least once to openly ask whether anyone is from a general location where they themselves are e.g. city or major suburb.
  4. Netiquette – Do Not Be Repetitive
    Do not be repetitive, annoying or disruptive in any way whatsoever.  Be logical and use your common sense.  Irritating, offensive and disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.
  5. No Flooding
    Entering 5 or more lines in rapid succession is considered flooding and is prohibited.
  6. No Advertising nor Promotional Activity
    You may not advertise nor promote any interests whatsoever in #GaySA.  This includes products and services of any nature.

    Advertising, promotion or spreading awareness of ANY other chatroom or IRC network is strictly prohibited.  #GaySA maintains a zero tolerance policy in this regard.

    Users seeking to advertise or promote a product or service must seek explicit permission to do so from the channel owner or Super-Ops.
  7. No Sharing of Private Chats
    What happens in private, stays in private.  You may not share the contents of a private chat in main or with other users.  This includes publically expressing negative and defamatory comments against a user based on any experience that transpired in private.

    Users may share chat records when reporting someone to a channel operator.  The more chat records provided when lodging a complaint or reporting a user to an operator IN PRIVATE, the greater the chances are that the operator can fully address the issue.
  8. Never Share Someone’s Personal Data
    Please respect the privacy of other users.  Never share any personal information of another user without their consent.  Even if someone requesting such information appears to be safe.
  9. No Phone Numbers In Main
    NEVER put a phone number in the main room.  This is fiercely prohibited.  Any user caught doing so will be kicked and banned immediately, without warning.
  10. Personal Disputes and Drama
    If you have a personal issue with another user, deal with it in private – do not use the main room to air your dirty laundry or seek attention.  Avoid subjecting the main room to drama and politics in general, this makes the atmosphere uncomfortable for everyone else.
  11. Learn to Ignore People
    Ignore people who deliberately make a habit of getting on your nerves.  Or eliminate your visibility of anything they type (and their ability to private you) by using the ignore function.  If you are unsure how to enable this, ask for help.
  12. Dignity Above Freedom of Expression – ALWAYS
    We strive to respect and protect the dignity of our users.  Discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexuality, beliefs or background is prohibited.  Freedom of expression does not extend to slander, hate speech, prejudice, incitement of violence nor defamation.  #GaySA endeavours to live by and honour these principles as best we can, and all users are required to abide by these principles and limitations.
  13. Tolerance and an Open Mind
    Be tolerant of other users.  Keep an open mind and try to take things with a grain of salt – within reason.  Tolerance and an open mind goes a long way in an environment like #GaySA.  

    Tolerance goes both ways.  Be respectful of other users that may be offended by certain topics or how they are discussed. When a user requests that you treat a topic more sensitively, be tolerant and respectful in a dignified manner.
  14. Saving Chat Records – Reporting Incidents, Complaints, Etc.
    Whenever a situation arises that you feel a need to report or address with #GaySA management (including complaints and disputes regarding users or operators), copy the logs of what happened to a text document as supporting evidence.  The more information you can provide, the more likely it is that you will receive satisfactory assistance.  

    When lodging a dispute or complaint regarding the conduct of an operator or reporting a user due to extreme and serious concerns (paedophiles or other potentially illegal activities), please report the matter directly to a Super-Op or the channel owner.
  15. Age Restriction
    The minimum age restriction in #GaySA is 18.  Application and enforcement of age restrictions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Operators are encouraged to consult with Super Ops or the channel owner when uncertain.  These restrictions are for the protection and safety of young users.