Section Intro


Here’s a quick reference for some important op commands as well as any useful tips or suggestions that might be worth knowing 🙂


Not all ops will be able to use all these commands – some are locked to higher ranking ops. If you’ve entered the command correctly and GaySA services immediately changes it back, you do not have the required access level for that command.

Due to variations in dedicated IRC software, web based portals and mobile apps, etc. it is important that you learn and use the full raw commands (a.k.a syntax) as it is set out here – unless you know how to achieve the same outcome using alternative method and you are 100% certain that it works.

Knowing and ALWAYS using the full raw commands is important for executing an emergency channel lockdown. In emergency situations you want to react fast and get it right the first time – please stick to the raw commands for channel lockdowns!

Some IRC apps and portals may not recognize the commands here. If that is the case, explore the options to see if the desired function is built in somewhere.

Alternatively, connect using the Mibbit or Atrum chat links on the gaysa homepage if needed – both should support commands.