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One of the greatest issues we’ve had on #GaySA, which has escalated radically in the past few months – is the topic on what should and what shouldn’t be acceptable as nicknames in #GaySA. Users from the extremes of both sides and been very vocal regarding the matter. For the good of #GaySA, we need to find middle ground, conceding on certain points.

Various iterations of the rules regarding nicknames have always maintained a general similarity – whether they were enforced or not.

I agree with those users who feel too much has gone too far. However, I still feel that nicknames should be considered allowable to a point, whilst still being adult in nature. #GaySA is an adult chatroom and thus we should accommodate all our users as best we can.

I don’t want to come down on the situation too heavily. I’d prefer gradually phasing in the change in nickname-choice-culture. Keep this slow transition in mind when you participate in this exchange.

Please use the comments below to air your views, describe what you feel should or shouldn’t be acceptable and ideas – if any – on what approaches we can take to improve the situation.  Scroll all the way down to find the comments box and add your say!

I’ve already received some great suggestions, but the more views we have from all users, the more balanced our outcome will be.

OPERATORS: Please inform irregular users especially about this page, encouraging them to participate and helping them to find it.

The primary motivation behind this is less about trying to root out nicks that offend people, rather to draw a line on how bashfully pornographic a nick may or more likely, may not be. Just aiming to keep things a little less tacky for a first impression.

I would like to see ops participating a lot more and working to involve users rather than sidelining them. I truly want this section to have diverse input from all kinds of users to gather excellent and reliable data.

All users and operators can send me a pvt message or send me an email on gsa-irc@outlook.com


19 thoughts on “Acceptable Nicknames – Your Opinion

  1. I personally believe that nicks should be regulated In such a way that isn’t out right vulgar/rude but can show their location and what not. But not restricting a funny and clever nick. Let people have fun. Also I rate the rules are fine with how the nicks are at the moment

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  2. To each their own… As long as they are not soliciting in main, nicks should make no difference. If you don’t want to chat to someone with an “explicit” nick then don’t… simple as that! At the end of the day, what is “explicit” is subjective!

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    1. I think simply choosing not to chat to someone you don’t want to and just closing the chat window is a good point – in my opinion. Also in agreement that “explicit” is subjective – in the end that is exactly why this is a difficult topic to deal with.

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  3. I agree with SuperSaiyanTwenty! For the most part, i don’t have problems with nicks (especially clever ones, even slightly cheeky ones). I do take issue with the vulgar and overly sexually explicit ones that are constantly thrown in my face.

    I come to #gays-irc to chat, not to be repulsed, offended and disgusted, but that is exactly what happens every time I log on. Sadly, I find that I am enjoying this chatroom a lot less than I used to!

    The ugly truth is that the NSFW factor has been taken to new lows, where open depravity is becoming the new norm in this chat. I cannot imagine even in the most edgy real life social environments this level of constant in-your-face nonsense being acceptable unless we’re talking about a fringe environment. It’s alarming to see that #gaysa-irc is slowly being turned into a sexually explicit fringe element chat.

    Many of these offensive nicknames kill the fun of chat because they are a constant distraction from the conversations that are becoming increasingly rare in the main channel.

    Do we have to embrace online smut just to have a chat space for gay people? Is this what it’s come to?

    JayJay, ops, fellow chatters, PLEASE DO SOMETHING NOW so that we don’t have to continue navigating our way through the muck in what’s become an online sewer rather than the premiere chatroom and community resource it should be.

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    1. I agree that things have gone a little too far and that we need to have some degree of reform on allowable nicknames. A lot of valid points are being made – yours included (in my opinion). Which is why the issue is up for review and discussion, even if the pace of finalizing an outcome is frustratingly slow. Being busy and hoping for greater participation on this page are some of the reasons for that. That said, I would like to conclude the matter in the coming week or two and be done with this process.

      Adding a poll on the subject is a final push to hopefully encourage some extra input before this gets wrapped up finally.

      You make a very good point about some nicknames not being acceptable in any social environments in the real world, even in the edgiest circumstances. That’s a point of reference which I think should definitely be included as part of the rule/guideline in the end.

      However, I have a different opinion regarding the notion that this issue – among others – have sparked an increasingly downward trend of social activity in the main room. There was a considerable uptick earlier this year following a pivotal change in #GaySA, but in my opinion – prior to this pivotal point – that there was as much (if not more so) lack of social activity in the channel. I recall pages and pages of nothing but joins, quits and partings on my #GaySA chat window. Nonetheless, I would like to see this change and I do hope this process will facilitate that.

      Working to eliminate elements that some find offensive won’t be as conclusively satisfying – but I hope to do my best to find middle ground. I sincerely hope that in time, you’ll enjoy chatting in #GaySA again as you used to!

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  4. Hi All
    I have being using GayChat27 for a while. I see all the strict rules on gaychatsa about your nickname and you are not allowed to do this and that. I suppose you have to use Gayflirt. I must tell you gayflirt is dead. All the pickups get done on Gaysa. So why have these rules if it does not work. Kill gayflirt and use gaysa for pickups ect. If friends want to chat they can chat in private. There is not much going on in the main chat room anyway. all move of to private chats.

    This is 5 cents worth.

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    1. I’m really pleased to see some input from the other end of the extreme. It’s good to see what the feeling is from the other side.

      The reason as to why #GaySA has (and has always had) so many restrictive rules is because that is and has always been the legacy upon which the room has been built. Our boundaries exist to establish and reinforce #GaySA as a socially based gay chat environment above all else. There are enough places and apps that are targeted towards sexually related connections. #GaySA is about a lot more than that, with a major focus on social interaction and the formation of communities and friendships – both online and in real life.

      Due to issues behind the scenes, #GaySA does not own nor have any influence on #gayflirt. That said, I totally understand your point, and personally my intent is not to eliminate users that are after pickups in private. We just want to keep the cruising for pickups out of the main room chat – whether it is dead in the main room or not.

      The point we are addressing here regarding nicknames is not to come down on rules restricting allowable nicknames to an extreme degree. However, some of it needs to be reigned in and get away from extremely explicit or provocative choices.

      #GaySA will definitely not change from being a socially based space to a pickup room. But we’ll keep thinking about how we can better deal with users that are interested in pickups. The aim with this process is how to define the parameters of what should and shouldn’t be acceptable.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion here, it is greatly appreciated! 🙂

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  5. I fully agree with Ogre’s comment,users shuld not be allowed to use nicks as a solicitation tool,it can be contrued as blatant trawling….which is frowned apon


  6. Just a quick note that I forgot to mention – all comments and posts are moderated and will only be posted once approved. This is not to exclude any feedback that we don’t necessarily like, it’s to prevent spamming and trolling only.

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    1. Hey Bruce – I hope you have a good experience on the chatroom over time and get to know us and have some fun chats meeting interesting people along the way 🙂


    1. Hey Doug – I’m sorry to hear there is an issue. Send me an email on jayjay@gaysa.com with a whatsapp number or some other way we can connect if you are still having problems. I don’t check this email frequently but I will try to check in and get back to you with my personal mail address if you prefer that. 🙂


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