Hookup Stranger Danger

scare-the-baby“Online hookups” has become the standard and norm for hooking up when you’re on the prowl – especially among the gay/bi community.  Hookup websites have been around for a long time, with the newer ones being pretty blunt with their branding making it quite clear that the primary target is to connect users that are on the prowl, looking to hook-up.  The traditional over-detailed match-maker model for meeting people online has gone out of fashion and the lovers online wade through the horny masses on hookup sites and apps hoping a likeminded person will soon find their profile and get in touch.  

The point here is that guys meeting guys from an online platform are not doing anything new.  All people who take the steps toward meeting in person – be it teens, girls, boys, from youtube or mxit when that still mattered and of course also from profile sites and online realtime chatrooms – have been told and has heard the warnings about meeting someone for the first time.  Taking precautions, meeting in safe circumstances first, ensuring you have a safety measure to turn to if you happen to be the unlucky statistic that ends up in danger with a dangerous person in the end.  Especially thanks to mxit, this is by no means something new and it ought to be general knowledge and common sense to people of legal age, and a part of learning when growing up if you’re younger with concerned parents and no shortage of horror stories involving mostly vulnerable teens.

Do not make the mistake of thinking only teenagers are vulnerable and even if there are far fewer instances of things turning into a living nightmare between older guys and men, the ones who do draw that unlucky hookup with a sadist axe murderer or whatever – are more likely to be in for an extreme level of hell – whatever that may entail.  

Problem is, there’s really little one can do if you’re looking for hookups and hookup-hunting online happens in real time, at interesting hours, within an hour or few of making first contact.  This is the norm now for hooking up – especially the NSA hookups which is most likely what you think of when you think of the term ‘hookup’.

It has been reported that someone had met a hookup from a chat site and things had gone very badly when he arrived at the person he’d arranged to meet.  Fortunately it was being robbed, albeit under very traumatic circumstances.  The information source regarding this incident respectfully chose not to name platforms or people or any other specific identifiers, just that it was a warning to users of ‘queer’ chatrooms and/or hookup sites to be careful when planning to hookup before describing the incident a friend of his had just suffered and fortunately survived from.
It is an important message though.  Always keep an emergency measure or two in place that you can fall back on for hookups and meets.  Be cautious, and have a plan that you can file away so that you can approach every hookup prepared and hopefully you’ll never have to use it.

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