FAQ: How Does This Work?

New to #GaySA chat and online chatrooms?  Start here!

Welcome to #GaySA chatroom!  Many newcomers often ask the same question: “How does this work?”  If you’re one of them, this simplified post is for you to get started.

keep-calm-be-proud-posterFirst of all, pay attention to messages/notices on your screen when you join the chatroom.  Check the room tab and the “Atrum” tab.  Important information and a brief summary of the rules most often broken by newbies are included in those entry messages.

All chatrooms have rules and guidelines that users need to abide by.  #GaySA is definitely no exception here.  Our rules are presented in detail on our website – do yourself the favour by reading through them briefly to keep yourself out of trouble.
#GaySA is moderated/policed by admin staff otherwise known as operators.  Ops are there to assist you if you need help as well as keep watch over #GaySA and enforce the rules where necessary.  They monitor activity in the open chatroom.

Please be aware and respect that #GaySA is a social chatroom and not a hookup zone.  While you’re free to say and do whatever you want to in a private chat, the main room is not for advertising or announcing what you’re looking for.  The open room is strictly for social group conversation and an appropriate level of decency is expected.  This includes choosing a nickname that is within reason and not pushing the boundaries on explicit and extremely graphic nicknames.  If you are asked to choose a more appropriate nick, we’d appreciate compliance.

You can easily change your nickname by typing

/nick newnickhere

including the ‘/’ without disconnecting.

Take the time to read through the list of nicknames when seeking private chats with someone that interests you.  Always respect a user’s right to deny or ignore attempts at sparking a private chat.

It takes patience and practice to get the feel for and hang of chatting in the main room when there is activity.  Keep in mind that there are many times where things are pretty quiet.  Remarks about how dead the room is or how bored you are don’t help.  Rather make the effort to get something started.  If a conversation is already going, feel free to drop in whenever you’d like to if you want to participate in the conversation and start getting into the main room social chats with the rest of us.  As long as you keep things respectful and within the bounds of our rules and guidelines, every new voice is welcomed!

Remember it takes a couple of days of observing and effort to get a feel for things, be patient and keep an open mind.  You’ll be glad you did in the end!
Welcome to the #GaySA chatroom, be safe and have fun!

Feel free to email us if you need help, have questions, or for any other reason.  If you experienced any difficulties and/or could not find an op to assist you in the chatroom, please get in touch by filling out the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page or simply email us at gsa-irc@outlook.com  If possible, include the nickname you used as well as a date and rough time window that you were online so we can better assist you – especially for enquiries relating to your experience when you were trying to use chat.  All communication is strictly confidential.