Other Handy Info and Notes


Familiarize and engage with the website. Feel free to make suggestions or offer contributions for content. We will be moving to a paid domain hopefully within a month or two.

Encourage and promote traffic and engagement to the website. Remember detailed rules and chat links are on the website as well as opportunities to participate with various things.

Users (especially if they are using a computer) that keep getting disconnected should be encouraged to try using the Mibbit or Atrum links on our homepage instead. If you are using Mibbit yourself, I encourage you to give the link on our page a try – it’s cleaner than a lot of ‘skinned’ versions.

Mibbit users should also think about registering a login on Mibbit. This stores a lot of settings and offers benefits similar to a dedicated IRC program like mIRC.

It’s also worth taking the time to register a free account on irccloud.com – it’s extremely powerful, has a ton of neat features and can be accessed via the web or using dedicated apps – including apps for iOS and Android.

AndroIRC is an alternative app for Android devices.

Mango IRC is an alternative suggested app for iOS devices.

Users chatting via the web browser on their mobile devices instead of using a dedicated app do not understand that when they go to a different tab or app, the connection to IRC is suspended – this is a frequent cause of constant disconnects. Inform users and advise them that using their browsers to chat on IRC when using a phone or tablet IS A TERRIBLE idea – and help them switch to using a dedicated app.

Finally, users should know that locking their screen or switching to a different app for 3+ minutes will suspend the connection to IRC. This is due to the operating system and cannot be changed. Mango will record and replay what happened while you were d/c for a certain period of time.

IRC Cloud will keep your nickname online and record everything for several hours even though you’re not physically connected. You have the added benefit of being able to log in on any other device to your IRC Cloud account and automatically pick up where you left off – even if it was on a different device.

Apps require a tiny amount of initial setup – if you need help on what this is, let me know and I’ll post instructions.