#GaySA – South Africa’s Official Online Social Chat Community

Started in 1993, when anyone who wasn’t a computer genius had never even heard the word “internet”, #GaySA is one of the oldest and largest South African IRC channels, and one of very few that has weathered the decline of IRC by online gaming, social media and mobile IM services remarkably well.  #GaySA has remained consistent in its brand presence and can proudly boast having consistently held its identity without interruption where most other surviving and thriving IRC channels in South Africa are either freshly grown or revival chatrooms.  Our steadfast and solid history infused with overall consistency not only speaks of a rich history, it also speaks to the legacy we carry with us as we continue our journey into the future survival and growth of a local and thriving online chat community, geared towards the LGBTQ community from a socially driven perspective which differentiates #GaySA from other online LGBTQ services.

#GaySA is a true embodiment of a close-knit community that transcends beyond relaxing social time from your screen to real world connections, friends, relationships, support and a second family that nurtures and embraces every person as an individual.  Our socially driven community spirit within the #GaySA chatroom brings a refreshing online space that publically resembles a LGBTQ coffee lounge, or that warm nostalgic glow that you get from old tv shows like Cheers.  While we attempt to find a balance to accommodate all kinds of users, only #GaySA prides itself foremost on being a warm, approachable and inviting online resource to the South African LGBTQ community, instead of another hook-up hotspot.

Our mission is to keep leading the social and decent beacon in the South African LGBTQ communities.  Time and the changes it brings has dusted away the firm pillar #GaySA held in the local “gay scene”, and yet we still stand strong and our vision is to bring back the glory, power and community reach #GaySA used to enjoy.  It’s time to take the spirit of #GaySA and enter a pivotal moment for both #GaySA and possibly the IRC platform as a whole.  In the face of ever dwindling relevance of IRC, #GaySA is evolving, embracing and planning the modern face of IRC with tried and tested approaches as well as thinking outside of the box to not only begin our own pivotal evolution, but also to pioneer a revolution for both our own interests and the future of IRC.  Let’s say NO to hours of people joining and quitting without a single word, and HELL YEAH to eager, lively chat.  Join our vision for a broader and larger community base and speak up, be heard, we’re listening!btg-final-logo

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